Another Time, Another Place: CD with 8 page Booklet
  • Another Time, Another Place: CD with 8 page Booklet
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The debut album from Chris Mars is available now for instant download to your computer - iOS devices must be synced to your computer after download to be played. Android devices can download direct.

Another Time, Another Place is a collection of finely crafted soaring rock anthems, to heart stopping ballads with a generous mix of musical cinematic wizardry, this album will satisfy music lovers of all genres!

Written and performed by Chris Mars with songwriting collaborations from 'Elvis Costello drummer 'Pete Thomas' on the high octane 'Just In Time', the 'Eagles-esque' 'Rosalie' and the fresh, almost country feel of 'Let's Talk About It'.

Chris's long time songwriting partnership with 'Gary Numan - Tubeway Army' guitarist 'Russell Bell' has surfaced in an epic display of ballideering normally reserved for the likes of Elton John and Billy Joel, with the haunting title track 'Another Time, Another Place'.

The sweet and addictive 'It Means nothing To Me Without You' and the explosive 'Lonely Dream' is reminiscent of classic British rock.

'Take It Away' was written by Chris Mars and Lee hutchinson, a Canadian guitarist, this track is more akin to 'Crowded House'.

'Taken' is a spine tingling ballad about lost love which hits the spot - similar to a James Bond movie theme, written by Chris Mars, along with the stadium rock tongue in cheek anthem of 'You Drive Me Wild'.

An instrumental surfaces in the shape of 'A New Beginning' with it's huge crescendo supported by impressive drumming from Chuck Sabo and slide guitars from Neil Taylor.

Funkalectric, another instrumental has an uptempo feel-good aura about it, normally associated with classic films featuring mountainous car journeys.

The diverse feel to what is undoubtedly a fine album of clever songwriting and ear catching melodies, performed by some of the world's finest musicians leaves the listener with an insatiable urge to reach for the rewind button...

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